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7 Signs That Your Body Shows When Something is Wrong With Your Health

The human body is the most complicated mechanism that has ever existed. There are thousands of functions happening simultaneously, neurons firing and sometimes our body sends us signals that something is wrong. Pay attention to your body because sometimes these signs could indicate a serious health problem.

Here are 7 signs that your body shows when something is wrong with your health:

1. Bleeding gums


If your gums are constantly bleeding, it might mean you lack vitamin C. Start eating more spinach, tomatoes, cabbage, citrus fruits, broccoli and cauliflower.

2. Insomnia, irritability and leg cramps

If you have been experiencing all these three conditions, it might be an indication that you’re lacking potassium and magnesium. Start eating more spinach, bananas, oranges and tomatoes.

3. Sweet tooth

When you want something sweet, it means that your body needs glucose. This might be an indication that you’re exhausted, stressed out or depressed. Eat honey or dark chocolate when you’re craving sweets, in order to avoid gaining weight.

4. Fragile nails and hair

Fragile nails and hair occur when your body lacks vitamin B. Eat more nori seaweeds, mushrooms and drink more milk.

5. Dry skin

Skin dryness is caused by lack of vitamin C. Consume more fish, vegetables and nuts.

6. Desire to eat ice

If you find yourself craving ice, it might mean that you have anemia. Start consuming foods rich in iron such as eggs, mollusks an beef.

7. Rings around the irises

Most people who are over 50 have rings around their irises and that’s quite normal. If you’re younger and you notice these rings, it might mean that your cholesterol level isn’t normal. Check it with your doctor.