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The Moons on Your Nails Can Be an Indicator for These 10 Health Problems

Did know that the light areas at the base of your nails are called moons? Most of us don’t pay attention to those but they can tell you a lot about your health. The change in their shape, size and color can indicate a health issue so you need to learn how to read the signs.

Here’s how the moons can warn you about these 10 health problems:


1. The moon on your pinky should be absent or completely unnoticeable. This is connected to your small intestine, kidneys and heart.

2. Your ring finger is connected to your lymphatic and reproductive system. If you don’t see a moon on this finger, it might be an indication of digestion problems.

3. The absence of moon on your middle finger, might be an indication of high blood pressure and vascular issues. This finger is connected to the cardiovascular system and the brain.

4. If the moon on your index fingers gets smaller or disappear, it might be an indication of the pancreas or intestine disease.

5. The moon on the thump should take up no more than 25% of the nail. This moon reflects the work of your spleen and lungs.

6. People that have large moons, that occupy a third of the nail, might have problems with low blood pressure, heartbeat disruption and cardiovascular system. People that are highly physically active also have large moons.

7. People with really small moons, might have low blood pressure and circulatory disorder. They can also have a weak immune system.

8. If the moon is separated from the nail plate, it’s an indication of blood sugar problems and possible diabetes.

9. If your moon is white, it means that you’re healthy. Gray moons indicate digestion disorders and lack of sleep. Purple moon is a sign of bad blood circulation and lack of oxygen, which can cause serious headaches and dizziness. Pink moon is a sign of lung problems and lack of physical activity.

10. Don’t panic if there are no moons on your nails. They can appear over time in kids and some people’s nails are structured without a moon.